A journey devoted to better understanding systemic racism and injustice and how we can personally and collectively move toward equity and healing in our nation.


Members are invited to learn more about systemic racism and injustice by choosing to watch, listen, or read materials from a list of suggested resources (listed at the end of this article).

Members are invited to participate in a weekly Zoom gathering in order to discuss and reflect on what people are learning and thinking (date and time to be determined).

Toward the end of this endeavor (approx. 7 weeks), the church will explore providing additional learning opportunities (ie.  speakers, a panel discussion, events with other congregations). 

Individually and collectively, we will seek to discern God’s call as to how we might engage in the work of racial equity and healing.

Everyone is encouraged to approach this work with:

  • Open Minds – the capacity to suspend our habitual judgement
  • Open Hearts – the capacity to shift from our viewpoint to the viewpoint of others
  • Open Wills – the capacity to let go of preconceived outcomes and follow the Spirit’s guidance

        (Adapted from How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You are Going by Susan Beaumont.)

Please join us for this important, challenging, and powerful work!

Racial Equity Resources (FRUCC)

Racial Equity Resources (PCUSA)